About the Chamber

Founded in 1979, the Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce is the leading business organization in Eatonton and Putnam County, creating a vibrant business climate and helping to build a premier community. Representing more than 300 Investor businesses and organizations in Eatonton and Putnam County, the Chamber serves as a resource and brings together leaders from all areas of Eatonton and Putnam-business, government, nonprofits, education, support services, and public safety, arts, and entertainment.

Regardless of the size of your business or the magnitude of your vision, there’s something powerful about togetherness. And that’s what the Eatonton-Putnam Chamber of Commerce is all about: creating a strong sense of community where we can all thrive, prosper, and serve one another in the name of commerce.


“Telling the story of our community to promote and support economic prosperity and tourism.”

OUR VIsion

“To be an organization that serves, encourages, and represents the Eatonton-Putnam community.”

OUr Values

BE an Advocate

for every facet of this community and for all businesses

BE inclusive

to all types of industry and all stages of business

Be tRansparent

always sharing information and being proactive with information

Be Adaptable

the the ever changing landscape of business and commerce

Be a Resource

to businesses and the citizens of Eatonton and Putnam County