Explore Eatonton Halloween Haunts

From alien abductions to ghostly encounters, mysterious and terrifying tales surrounding these 6 locations are sure to ignite imaginations this Halloween.

1. Rock Eagle

350 Rock Eagle Rd
Eatonton, GA 31024
Little is known about the origins of this mysterious rock formation on the outskirts of northern Putnam County, Georgia. The Creek Indians have said that the mound was there when they arrived to the area thousands of years ago. Many believe it was built for religious or ceremonial reasons during the archaic period. Others paint a more colorful picture and taut that the formation was meant to be a signal to extraterrestrial beings orbiting the planet. The true reason for Rock Eagle’s creation or even who created it may never be revealed, which puts it on our list of Halloween Haunts.





2. Nuwaubian Compound

HWY 142; just inside Putnam County line
The Nuwaubian pyramids were constructed in the early 1990s by the Nuwaubian quasi-religious cult at their compound, which covered over 476 acres of farmland in Putnam County, Georgia. The government seized the Egyptian-themed compound after the cult’s leader was convicted of numerous child molestation charges and sent to prison. The leader claimed that he was an extraterrestrial from a distant galaxy and incorporated ideas about space aliens into the cult’s beliefs. Nuwaubians claimed to be waiting for a spaceship to take them away. The structures were eventually razed in 2005, and the government sold the land.



3. Pine Grove Cemetery

Corner of Grove St. & Church St.
Eatonton, GA 31024
The 2nd oldest cemetery in the city. Many graves date back to before the Civil war. The deepest part of the cemetery is divided into 3 sections. There is a section dedicated to the Civil War, containing both Confederate and Union soldiers. The west section is called “strangers row,” having many unmarked graves. Beyond the Civil war section lies an old slave cemetery. Enter this Halloween if you dare.



4. Old Putnam State Prison

107 S. Forrest St.
Eatonton, GA 31024
Owned by Tytan Pictures, the Old Putnam County State Prison is haunted by memories of bandits, abusers, and even murderers. The prison closed its doors in 2003, and was abandoned until 2017. Today, Tytan gives many chilling tours to curious onlookers. Those who have gone inside say you can feel a ghostly chill inside of the solitary confinement area, where inmates were housed in an extremely small space with a metal bed, a toilet, and no windows. This is one scary space to spend Halloween.


5. Ashley Belle Landings (aka Oakland Hall)

436 Greensboro Road
Eatonton, GA 31024
Oakland Hall is a private 1800s estate said to be haunted by the ghost of a disabled girl who was locked away in the attic of the home by her family. Owners have claimed they hear a little girl playing,  have seen shadow figures on the stairwell, and have had the televisions mysteriously turn off. The site can be seen on Season 5, episode 20 of SyFy’s hit series Ghost Hunters.




Panola Hall

6. Panola Hall/ Eatonton Library

400 North Madison Avenue
Eatonton, GA 31024
Eatonton’s most famous haunting by far is that of Sylvia the Ghost. Many stories have circulated surrounding her death. However, the most prevelant seems to be that she flung herself from the second story of the home upon hearing of her fiance’s untimely death. Sylvia made her first appearance to Panola Hall’s second owners, Dr. and Mrs. Hunt shortly after they moved in. Sylvia is said to be wearing a white, hoop-skirt dress and a rose placed neatly in her brown hair. It is also said that Sylvia brings an intense aroma of roses to the rooms and people that she encounters. Mrs. Hunt wrote a brief poem about Sylvia.

“Sylvia’s coming down the stair—
Pretty Sylvia, young and fair.
Oft and oft I meet her there,
Smile on lip and rose in hair.
Stand aside and let her pass—
Little room she takes, alas!
Sylvia died, they tell me so,
Died a hundred years ago.”

Later, Eatonton Librarian Alice Wardwell, spotted Sylvia from the front steps of the library. Mrs. Hunt said to take this as a compliment, as Sylvia only shows herself to those who she considers her social equal.  With Halloween approaching, be sure to look in the windows at Panola Hall; maybe Sylvia will deem you worthy, and you’ll see a young woman in a white dress with a perfectly-placed rose in her dark brown hair.