Downtown Scavenger Hunt


Follow the clues to 10 different locations on the scavenger hunt. Take a picture with your group at each location. Once you have a photograph from each of the 10 locations, come into the welcome center to claim your prize!


Clue 1

All de critters in the briar patch know
In Turner Park, more than flowers grow
Here lives a cunning, spritely hare
Being hunted by a fox and a bear
So when you approach this frightful pair
Take heed of my words and beware
Take a picture to show you have been there
Then escape to the cabin, our docents’ lair

Clue 2

There sits a clock on top of bricks
grass surrounds it for great picnics
a busy spot for county work
People trying to see the clerk
A central spot for this old town
with stores and shops all around.

Clue 3

This region knows no other spot
To honor a setting, genre or plot
3 famous scribes, locally born
Rival the talents of Hawthorne

Clue 4

Portraits hanging on the wall
Creative pieces big and small
Local scenes from native folks
Enchant you with their brush strokes

Clue 5

Decorating the old hotel
Is a piece of art we know well
Over the city, it does tower
Pictures of books and purple flowers

Clue 6

Come walk upon the slanted floor
As you shop for furniture and décor.
Ms adele still waits there
In her booth, on a chair
Silent films and traveling bands
Drew people to sit in these stands

Clue 7

Criminals were welcome in this place
Those who committed acts of disgrace
Concrete walls held them here
Away from those we held dear
Now deserted, don’t go in
Stand out front with a cheery grin

Clue 8

on the land, air and on the sea
battles were fought for you and for me
soldiers were lost in the fires of war
brave men and women protecting our shore
go where their names are inscribed
when you see the wall, you have arrived

Clue 9

Looking for a place to dance?
Or maybe watch a romance?
A place to hold a large event?
A park in which to set a tent?
This old school building has it all
Staff will come at your beckon call

Clue 10

A mansion haunted by a ghost
Who makes the most peculiar host
A rosy perfume in the air
Will let you know if she is there
Mr and mrs hunt will say
This frightful guest is here to stay

Need Help with this scavenger hunt? click the links below to visit each location’s website. (only use if you are really stumped)