“Our target was to hit $40 million,” says Kim Logan, co-owner of the Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate Team in Greensboro. “We intended to double our sales from the prior year, and we did it. I’m really proud of everyone. We worked very hard.” When it comes to industry knowledge, hard work and determination, Kim and Lin Logan could teach the class. In fact, their system puts them in a class by themselves.

“There are no individual agents here,” explains Logan. “We all work toward one common goal and are a true team.” This team atmosphere, she says, is where the Logan crew breaks away from the rest of the pack. Great customer service, which is the perpetual mantra of the real estate industry, is often interrupted by the individual nature of each agent to compete against another for leads. Under the Logan umbrella, buyers agents and support staff work collectively toward a shared objective. “The agents and staff dedicate themselves to long hours and weekends. They’re not only co-workers, they’re people I love and respect. The team’s spouses and families give up a lot as well, so Lin and I wanted to be sure they are included in all the celebrations. When we met our $40 million goal this year, we took the team and their spouses for a week vacation to Rosemary Beach in Florida.”

“We’ve welcomed several newcomers to the agency this year,” adds Logan. “Each one brings a unique set of skills to round out our customer service agenda. My daughter Madison came on board with a marketing degree from Georgia Southern. Her personality and dedication to the clients has pushed our ability to service our clients to the next level. Also coming to us this year is another buyers agent, Lisa Phillips, a true “people person,” whose willingness to please and experience with building homes has been a wonderful asset to the team. Tracey Buckalew is our new Marketing Specialist. She has an extensive background in writing/editing as well as newsprint, magazine and web design. She brings a designer’s flair and an editor’s eye to the team, and is working to expand and streamline our already extensive marketing program. Additionally, we also welcomed Rebekah Coker to the team to help ease the workload of our busiest buyers agents, Traci Nelson and Terri Griner. These two, whom we affectionately call TnT, are taking the Milledgeville area by storm.”

A good balance of skills, hard work and commitment builds a good team. They play off of one another’s abilities and contributions, building a united, harmonious relationship focused on reaching a common goal. Doubling your sales in the first year of business? That’s not a good team, that’s a GREAT team.

“I searched my heart and talked to God a lot before we started this venture,” Logan confides. “I felt like He told me to “take the risk,” and I listened to Him and started my own company. I think we are rewarded when we listen to God, and I attribute our success to Him. We’ve built this business with a foundation of good hearts, hard work, and outstanding customer service. How can we lose?”

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Photo identification:
First row, L to R: Pam McKinley, Kyle Griner, Terri Griner, Kim Logan, Lin Logan, Traci Nelson
Back row, L to R: Tracey Buckalew, Rusty Ledford, Maddie Ledford, Gordon Deeds, Angela Deeds, Gail Watkins, Mark Watkins, Lisa Phillips, Keith Phillips